vravrona athens layover tour

By Maria Antonopoulou, Owner of Villa Vravrona Tower & Suites

A fruitful land full of odors and tastes. That’s what Vravrona is. A secluded area of Attica held pure and genuine over the centuries. The delicious figs in August, the numerous vineyard fields that produce high standards wine varieties, the pistachio fields that will offer you their tasty fruits. These are only a few secrets of our little gem waiting to be experienced. And what to say about the precious medieval tower? I really cherish all the wonderful childhood memories when I used to play hide and seek with my cousins. The Frankish tower was our favorite spot to rest and have a  snack. Oh and the stories we made up while gazing at the beautiful scenery full of fig trees and vines. I feel so lucky I can still do the same thing with my own children. It’s really charming to visit surrounded by all-natural beauties.

So, this summer choose Attica’s Vravrona as your stopover. Before or after the Greek islands. So that you can explore the rest. And live the myth. Right here.

vravrona grape  harvest