Mesogaia, which means “middle land”, is a large geographical region of  East  Attica confined by the foothills of Mount Penteli and Mount of Hymettus that is full of surprises and hidden treasures. This inland portion of the Attica peninsula offers a mosaic of civilizations with significant historical sites.

Easily accessible from Athens, filled with fertile plains and crystal-clear beaches, the region of Mesogaia offers an attractive destination for day trips if you want to escape the busy city center or even if you have a layover at Athens International Airport. Exploring Mesogaia through cultural and culinary experiences is our expertise.

 You are officialy invited to join us in a journey through time and explore Mesogaia.  To specially mark your private local experience with us, you will be offered a
You are officialy invited to join us in a journey through time and explore Mesogaia. To specially mark your private local experience with us, you will be offered a "Tourtoulaki", which was the traditional wedding invitation in Mesogaia, made from salt dough and embroidered with various traditional elements.


Visit important historical and archaeological sites and unique Byzantine monuments. Explore the Land of Kouros statues and visit the temple of Artemis in Vravrona. Stroll around the Frankish towers and the byzantine chapels scattered throughout the region and travel through time.

Wander around all the picturesque small little streets and the traditional houses.

Despite the development of the region, hidden gems remain to be discovered.


Taste is an incredible itinerary in itself and this very area is rich in traditional products offering a wide range of  cultural and gastronomic experiences. Visit one of the small taverns and treat yourself with local delicacies like Mousounta, Poupeki and Goglies, prepared only in the region.

According to Greek Mythology, Dionysus, the God of wine, shared the secrets of the art of wine and viticulture with the residents of Attica. The region of Mesogaia is the oldest and largest wine-producing region in Greece and the birthplace of Retsina. The local grape Savatiano not only produces excellent resinated wines but offers a wide range of dry wine too. Over the years the winemakers have extended their varieties to other grapes of both Greek and international varieties such as Roditis, Malagouzia, Assyrtiko, Mandilaria, Agiogirtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Greek Royal Figs from Markpoulo Attica
Along with the grapes, figs were well known since antiquity for their medicinal and nutritional qualities. Ancient Greeks believed they symbolized prosperity and peace that is why their exportation outside of Greece was illegal, in order to reserve them for the Athenians. Royal Black Figs are known as one of Greece’s finest figs, and its skin has a unique dark burgundy color.

Aegina island is the first place in Greece where the pistachio tree is cultivated in an organized way however the cultivation has been established in other areas such as Markopoulo Mesogaia with a significant production. Consumed fresh or roasted, with or without salt, the pistachio is considered a superfood of high nutritional value.

Olive oil
The sacred tree of the goddess Athena, the eternal symbol of Attica and an indispensable part of Greek cultural heritage. The vast agricultural area of Mesogeia produces excellent quality of extra virgin olive oil from the varieties of Athinolia, Koroneiki, and Manaki.

The area has an extensive livestock farming tradition producing dairy products of excellent quality, such as white and yellow cheeses made of fresh goat and sheep milk, velvet yogurt and flavorful rice pudding and many more.



Mesogaia, located between two seas, will enchant you with its natural beauties. Before your eyes will unfold not only crystal-clear blue waters but also versant pine forests, wetlands, and picturesque harbors. Learn the importance of the wetland of Vravrona  and enjoy a nature walk while listening to birds singing. the All our excursions aim at making you discover the area, taste the traditional products and enjoy an holistic wellness.