local experiences

We strongly believe that meeting local people and experiencing their culture, is the best way to discover the true essence of a destination.

That is why we have decided to work alongside you in order to craft authentic Greek local experiences for you. They are our precious stakeholders and we have decided to give them a voice through our blog. They are born, live, and work in Mesogaia and they have plenty of stories to share with you. Explore with them unique cultural and culinary experiences.

athens layover
Feb 10, 2022

The embroidered bread of Mesogaia

Wheat, the sacred seed of the Goddess Demeter, also becomes a sacred seed in Orthodoxy. Seed, olive and wine occupy a prominent place in Christian rituals and suffice to launch a church ritual.

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Feb 22, 2022


Perhaps the most traditional plate of Mesogaia, a crustless aromatic pie with leafy greens. It was quickly and easily made with spinach as the main ingredient and other aromatic herbs and greens.

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