athens layover

Caption/credits: Bridal head jewelry, in front of an embroidered wedding bread originally made by Yiota N.Drakou. They are both laid on a traditional woven bed cover.

Wheat, the sacred seed of the Goddess Demeter, also becomes a sacred seed in Orthodoxy. Seed, olive, and wine occupy a prominent place in Christian rituals and suffice to launch a church ritual. 

The women of Mesogaia expressed their wishes and requests through the embroidered bread, a raw material that was present in every home and the basis for each family life.

The embroidered bread was present in every moment of the life cycle (birth, baptism, engagement, marriage, death) butut also during the annual festive cycle (New Year, Easter, Christmas, Saints ‘Day, relatives’ gifts, start of work).

The art of the embroidered bread and the interpretation of its symbols have been preserved by very few today.  Join us in an interactive experience to learn more!