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Ligo Akoma Elllada by Vouryia

Our tours are private and your comfort and safety is our top priority.

Every experience is planned together with locals so that you can enjoy the authentic Greek hospitality.

We believe in sustainable travel and we are committed to make a positive impact on both the environment and local communities.

We are devoted to your satisfaction and we can customize your tours based on your interests and needs.


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East of Athens


Mesogaia, the inland portion of the Attica peninsula offers a mosaic of civilizations with significant historical sites. Explore the Land of Kouros statues and visit the temple of Artemis in Vravrona. Stroll around the Frankish towers and the byzantine chapels scattered throughout the region and travel through time.


Find out details about the region’s vast folklore tradition and savor the taste of local products. Explore Greek culture by making your own embroidered bread .Learn the secrets of winemaking by visiting one of the wineries located in the Mesogaia valley. Follow the old rail trail until Lavrio, famous for its silver mines but also for its historical fish market.Listen to the stories of local people and make lifetime connections.


Discover a stunning diversity of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, less than an hour away from the center of Athens. Awaken your senses by enjoying a picnic under vast fig trees while collecting fresh oregano and rosemary. Visit the wetland of Vravrona home to many birds and small animal species. Drive through the pine forest of Kouvaras and let the road lead you to the coastline where you can enjoy unique crystal clear beaches. East Attica is a perfect destination to explore while visiting Athens or having a layover.

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The story behind our brand


Sounds all Greek to you?

Vouryia, is a handwoven backpack originally used by shepherds and farmers in rural Crete. It usually contained a piece of bread, a flask of wine, a knife and sometimes a flute. They packed inside everything that was essential for their journey up the mountains. Sometimes they also kept herbs found abundantly in the hills or a piece of wood that they would transform into a toy with their knife. Deeply connected with nature and tradition, they needed very little to be happy.

Today Vouryia is mostly used as a keepsake.

Our origins from Crete and our love for the local heritage inspired us to use “Vouryia” as a symbol of exploration.

So, pack your Vouryia and we will handcraft the perfect private cultural and  culinary experience for you!