athens layover
Rediscovering Retsina and its history is a project that we have been looking forward to. Retsina is the outcome of infusing resin in a base of white wine usually Savatiano, the main wine variety in East Attica. But the use of the resin goes back many centuries ago, as it was used to seal the mouth of amphorae and coat their interior in order to prevent air contact. Long associated with the “common-folk” culture of tavernas – where it was mainly sold and consumed, in the last decade several wine makers have made serious efforts to produce more elaborate Retsinas with a more discrete aroma.


In order to showcase this unique product we have gathered more than 10 Retsina etiquettes and we participated in a refreshing hike in the forest of Kouvaras where pine resin has been extracted since antiquity.  Later we ended up in a local winery in Keratea where Chef Georgia Koutsoukou prepared a variety of traditional appetizers to pair with Retsina. The winery still preserves the old ancillary building called “Hagiati” where all the cooking and the storytelling took place. The Authentic Greek Philoxenia at its best!


As for the pairing, you can have a look at the following list and prepare your own Retsina feast at home:
Ntolmadakia (stuffed wine leaves), Anchovies, seafood, fatty fish grilled in the oven, Tzatziki, Olives, Roasted lamb or chicken, and Spanakopita As you can see, Retsina just loves Greek Traditional cuisine!